Thursday, September 29, 2016

Vendor Fairs and Craft Show Season is upon us.

Here is a timeline to help you get going.

Plan Your Production Schedule. Think realistically about the amount of work you need to accomplish before the show, and use a calendar to schedule your production hours.  If you map out your hours ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus one day at a time and prevent last-minute anxiety.
Take Inventory/Create. Do you have stock left over from last season? Are there some materials you could still use? Go through all your stuff before you buy more supplies or start making new items.   Make your crafts, in various sizes, colors and textures if applicable.
Design and Print Literature. If you haven’t done so already you need to design your business cards and signage and get them ordered.  Same with Brochures, Catalogs, free literature (optional), Try to stay consistent in color and design. or both offer good prices for printing needs.  If you are going to have shopping bags you will want to order them now also.  I have found good deals at Costco and Sam's Club for plain bags then I just put my sticker on them.  Another great place for bags and cellophane etc. is
Get Legal and Registered. Send in your registrations form along with money. Be sure to let them know if you need to be by an outlet, near a restroom, or any other special needs.  Get Directions/contact info for the show.  Order your sales tax permit and any other permits needed for your state. is a good starting point.
Buy Display Area Needs. If it is an outdoor show you may want a tent or canopy, canopy walls, and weights.  And for indoor or outdoor you may need to provide your own tables.  You will need your own Table cloths, Additional fabric draping, and Backdrop. Be sure to ask the size of the area you are allowed so you can plan accordingly. Other optional items you may want to bring; Banner, Risers, Shelving, Pegboard, Lighting, Mirror, Baskets, Magnetic display board, Extension Cord, Power Strip, Chair or stool, Dolly or Rolling Cart.


Let you customers know.  If you have a website, post an announcement of the shows you’re attending, and make sure you’re consistently posting on your favorite social media sources so customers know exactly how to find you.  You may want to make Discount coupons for your website for people to bring to the show.
Plan for new customers. Make a mailing list signup sheet, and/or door prize drawing slips to get the names, address, e-mail, and phone of potential customers.  Make a Portfolio of pictures of items for custom orders  (optional).   Create a great looking door prize.
Visualize Your Booth. Every product provides a unique challenge for display and packaging, and creating a mock up at home is a great way to test drive your booth display and plan ahead. Checking out online photos, and craft show booths is also a good way to get some ideas and visualize what you’ll need to succeed.
Continue to Create.  You can never have too much because what doesn’t sell at this show may sell at the next.  Plan to bring everything you have, even if you think it might not sell. It might be just what someone is looking for.
Complete any of the above items, and continue to create.  You want to have everything organized and ready to go a couple days before the actual show so that you can relieve any last minute stress factors.
Pricing and Record Keeping. Individually price each item using hang tags or stickers.  Make signs for small things that you don’t want to price individually.  Type an inventory list of everything you are taking. Use a system that is easy to find the item when it sells to mark it off your list.
Organize Your Show Gear. Make a master list of all the stuff you need to remember to bring and start organizing it all in stackable, clear plastic boxes. Include lists on the sides of what they contain.

Scissors   Hammer                        Water Jug   Directions to show
Pens   ScrewdriverCamera   Signs
Scotch Tape   PliersSnacks   Literature
String   Wire CuttersSun Block   Business Cards
Safety Pins   Tent WeightsBreath Mints   Portfolio
Push Pins and Tacks   Tent StakesAsprin   Table Cloths
Paper Clips   Bungee CordsBand-aids   Fabric Draping
Clothespins   RisersCalculator   Directions to show
Super Glue   BasketsChange $ and cents   Backdrop
Hot Glue Gun   ShelvingCredit Card Reader   Money Bag or Apron
Zip Ties   PegboardReceipt Book   Sales Bags
Masking Tape   Magnetic BoardSales Tax Chart   Tissue/Butcher Paper
Duct Tape   BannerTax Certificate   Inventory List
Candy Dish   LightingClipboard   Mirror
Trash Bags   Chair or StoolSweater   Drop Cord/Power strip
Dust Pan   Canopy/Tent

 Arrive Early for Setup. You don’t want to be a hot, sweaty mess, setting up frantically 15 minutes before doors open. Customers will feel stressed just looking at you.
 Network. Get to know your neighbors and introduce yourself to the show organizers. The more people you’re friendly with, the more your business will benefit.
Talk to Customers. Engage in conversation and be as helpful as you can. Ask questions like, “Are you looking for gifts?” or “Have you been to this show before?” and “Would you like to try that on?” you need to obtain customers’ emails, too.
Take Final Inventory. Resist the urge to close up early.  That last customer may be the best.  And don’t throw all your show gear into a random heap. I know it’s tempting, but if you take some time to organize, you’ll thank yourself later. Make sure you do a post-sale inventory and list any supplies you’ll need to order more of.  Enter all your new emails into your database and send out a newsletter of gratitude to everyone who stopped by your booth and supported you. Share links to your Etsy shop and social media.
Be sure to journal about your experience so that you can remember the good/bad, or what works and what doesn’t work for next time.
And last but not least HAVE FUN.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Praying For America

When I look at America and the way it is headed I have to admit I'm seriously afraid. As most of you know I don't like bugs I don't like heat I don't like walking or running but yet when I look at missionaries and martyrs these are things they have to face. And these are the MINOR things they face daily. I especially don't have a desire to be beheaded or want to hide just to stay alive. I believe the Holy Bible I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in God. I want to stay true to my faith but it's scary. So today and hopefully every day I must lift this prayer from my heart to my Lord: 

Dear Lord Jesus, please let my friends,family, neighbors, and all my Christian brothers and sisters near and far feel you close to them. And help us to remain faithful as these situations in this world continues to go from bad to worse. Amen.

As Americans, we have been pampered and protected and live in almost an isolated safety net. We haven't been exposed to the risk of fighting for our religious beliefs for generations. But a time is coming and in ways has arrived. And I for one am scared. Most of us are NOT really prepared to stand firm and to defend ourselves against satan and his forces. Some who are reading this may have to face the enemy head on or know someone that will. I know most of us aren't physically able to fight BUT we all have one weapon that is at our fingertips. No, not your cell phone. We all have a direct line that doesn't require wifi. We just need to use it. Let's all pray for our missionaries, leaders, family and friends. Believers and non-believers. We need to turn our hearts back to what matters. I hope I can count on your prayers.

Monday, May 30, 2016

June Prayer Challenge...Can I Count You In?

Last night, I pulled up my list of friends from my facebook account and said a prayer for each one, because I have been reading so many sad posts lately. I have a friend struggling with loneliness that has turned away from God to satisfy the flesh. One friend has been dealing with serious family medical issues for months. Others are dealing with deaths, suicides, cancer, you get the point. Some I don't know if they are saved so I asked for salvation, some are graduating so I prayed for direction. What I'm getting at, is that ALL of us know someone that needs prayer. So I came up with an idea that I want to put out there for anyone and everyone that believes in the power of prayer. 

HERE IT IS: How about for the month of June we all pick a different person from our fb friends list each day. And we say a prayer for that person. I know a lot of us pray for a select few of our friends. This doesn't take the place of those prayers. This is in addition to those prayers. In this challenge you would pray for a different person each day that you don't normally pray for. Then if you want you could tag that person or write on their timeline, "I prayed for you today”. You wouldn’t have to say what you prayed for just let them know you prayed.  The next day you would chose a different person and repeat the process. If we all did this for 30 days think of the blessings we would read about in July's Facebook timelines.
I know this kind of thing is not for everyone. Some of you may think it is a good idea but don’t want to commit, and that is fine.  But all I ask is that you will give it some thought and help share this idea across all forms of media so that we can create a powerful outpouring of prayers for others.

This idea just came to me last night and I am only one person.  I don’t have corporate dollars or a large ad campaign all I have is the strength in numbers of fellow believers and prayer warriors to come along beside me and make this happen.  So I am begging each of you to give it some thought and share this idea on your timeline on Face book, Get the word out on twitter, Linked, instigram, whatever it takes but let’s get everyone praying.

 I really hope you will think about this and consider taking part in this "June Prayer Challenge". Please let me know if you are interested and please share this post so that we can get everyone praying. God bless all of you.

 #JunePrayerChallenge  join in on twitter. and share with your friends.